Supported transcription languages

Descript can automatically transcribe 23 different languages.


Available transcription languages
English (US) Latvian Romanian  
Catalan Finnish Lithuanian Slovak
Croatian French (FR) Malay Slovenian
Czech German Norwegian Spanish (US)
Danish Hungarian Polish Swedish
Dutch Italian Portuguese (BR) Turkish

Set your transcription language and preferences

The first time you import and transcribe files in Descript, you will be prompted to set the transcription language. Learn more about importing and transcribing files.

Screenshot illustrating a transcription prompt, highlighting the language selection area with a circle

You can change your transcription language and toggle on or off Always ask before transcribing from your App settings.

Re-transcribing after choosing incorrect language

If you accidentally had the wrong language selected during transcription, you can always re-transcribe the file.

Before proceeding...

  • Make sure you enable Always ask before transcribing in your App settings.
  • Keep in mind that re-transcribing a file will deduct transcription minutes from your monthly transcription hours.

Here's how to re-transcribe a file:

  1. At the top of the editor, click Media library icon to open the Media library. Make sure you're looking at the File tab icon Files tab.
  2. Select Transport_ellipses.png ellipsis button to the right of the file name.
  3. Select Re-transcribe.

    Re-transcribing a file through the Media library

  4. Select your transcription language.
  5. Click Done to re-transcribe your file in the selected language.

    Choosing a transcription language when re-transcribing a file

Unsupported multi-language features

There are a few notable features that are only supported for English transcription:

Inverse Text Normalization (ITN)

ITN is only supported in English, French, and Spanish. ITN is the programming logic that translates numbers to common-use formats (for example, converting "Nineteen Forty-Five" into "1945").

Translation and multi-language files

  • Descript will only transcribe the currently selected language. If you have a file containing multiple languages, you'll need to transcribe it separately for each language.
  • Translation is currently not supported.
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