AI stock voices

For now, stock voices are only available in English.

With Descript's AI stock voices, you can easily create lifelike voiceover audio by simply typing. Choose from 9 different stock voices: Don, Emily, Carla, Ruth, Malcolm, Ethan, Henry, Nancy, and Nicholas. You can add multiple stock voices to your project and create full dialogues just by typing. 

Adding a stock voice to a project

You can use stock voices to generate text-to-speech in your projects.

Stock AI voices.png

  1. Open or create a project.
  2. Place your cursor on a blank line in your script wherever you want to use a stock voice. If you already  added and transcribed video or audio in you script, just press Enter (Windows) or Return (macOS) and create a blank line.
  3. Add a speaker label—type @ and select Stock AI speakers at the bottom of the manage speaker window. If you already wrote some of your script using Write mode, just click Add speaker above the section of blue placeholder text.
  4. Choose any stock voice from the list to add it to your project; you also can preview each speaker by clicking Preview voice icon.png to the right of a voice's named. 

Stock Voices Usage

There are important considerations to be aware of when using stock voices in your projects:

  • For now, stock voices are only available in English.
  • Stock voices are only for generating text-to-speech in your projects. They cannot be used for overdubbing audio.
  • If you want to change the stock voice for a section, just click on the stock voice's name (the speaker label), and choose another stock voice. The new voice's audio with begin generating once you swap in the new voice.
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