Recorder overview

Descript's recorder is the perfect tool for recording podcasts, remote interviews, and screen recordings. With it you can record multi-track audio, videos, and capture your screen.

Advanced Recording Made Simple

Descript's Recorder combines versatile recording features with a streamlined interface. It's the ideal tool for creators seeking to produce professional, captivating content with ease.

  • Automatic Transcription: Descript provides immediate transcription of your recordings, allowing for quick editing and seamless alignment of audio/video with text.
  • High-Quality Recording: Achieve professional-grade audio and up to 4K video recordings, ensuring your content meets high production standards.
  • Multitrack Recording: Capture each speaker on separate tracks, giving you more control over the editing process.
  • Cloud-Based Recording: Your recordings are automatically uploaded to the cloud, offering security and ease of access for further editing.
  • Studio Sound Enhancement: Even without high-end equipment, Descript's technology can improve your audio quality, making it sound like it was recorded in a professional studio.

Two ways to access the recorder

Editor recorder

The Editor recorder allows you to record directly into an open project when you want to create something new, or update an existing project with new media.

Accessing the in-app editor recorder from the top bar

Quick recorder

Descript also includes a Quick recorder for creating recordings on the fly without having to open a project. It's the perfect tool for quickly creating and sharing videos with others.

Quick recorder app.

Key differences

It’s important to note a few differences between the two recorders:

  • Video recording or screen capturing in the editor will record separate video and audio tracks and create a multitrack sequence with them, whereas the Quick recorder will create a single video file containing both video and audio tracks.
  • The Quick recorder is generally known to be less labor-intensive on your computer than the Editor recorder.
  • If you use the Editor recorder for a screen recording with your camera enabled, you will not see your camera feed during the recording.
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