Recording settings

You can configure additional options and default behaviors by selecting the Recording_settings_icon.png Recording settings button in the top right corner of the recorder panel.

Steps showing how to open Descript Recorder menu with Recording settings sub-menu


Feature Description
Countdown Turn on a timer to give yourself a 3-second delay before the recording starts.
Transcription language Select one of our 23 transcription languages for your recording.
Video resolution Descript supports 4k (beta), 1440p, 1080p, 720p, and 480p recordings.
Highlight clicks when recording Add a circle graphic around your cursor when you click during a screen recording. Not currently supported on Windows.
Confirm recording area You can adjust the selected recording region of a screen recording before starting the recording. Not currently supported on Windows.
Minimize recording dock Disable the floating recording dock when screen recording. Not currently supported on Windows.
Hide Descript when starting screen recording Automatically hide the Descript application before the recording begins.
Recording resolution

Video recording resolution capabilities are ultimately determined by the camera you use during recording, as well as the desktop resolution of the screen you record.

For example, if you set your recording resolution in Descript to 4K but use a camera that can only record up to 1080p, your recording’s video resolution will be 1080p.

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