Audio-only compositions

Descript allows you to create audio-only compositions. These compositions will not contain scenes or the Canvas. These two elements in Descript are only used when creating video content; in an audio-only composition, you’ll work in the Script editor, various side panels, and the Timeline.

Changing the composition type

If you import an audio file into the script of a blank composition, it will automatically set your composition to audio-only. You can toggle the composition between video or audio-only by opening the menu in the top left and selecting File > Set composition to video or audio-only.


Adding visuals

If you add a video to your script, Descript ask you if you would like to switch to a video composition.

Set audio-only as the default setting

You can set your default project type from your App settings.

  1. Click the menu in the top left corner.
  2. Select Settings to open your App settings.
  3. Click the dropdown next to Default project and choose Audio.

Considerations when switching from video and audio-only

If you have a composition where you have created video content, there are a few things to remember before switching your composition to audio-only.

  • If you do not need to edit the content further, you can always export your video composition as an audio file.
  • Video layers will still be visible in your timeline when switching to audio-only.  
  • You cannot export a video file while working in an audio-only composition; you will need to switch the composition back to a video to export a video file.
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