Audio-only compositions

Descript allows for you to create audio-only compositions. These compositions will not contain scenes or the Canvas. These two elements in Descript are only used when creating video content; in an audio-only composition, you’ll work in the Script editor, Properties panel, and Timeline.

Changing the composition type

If you import an audio file into the script of a blank composition, it will automatically set your composition to audio-only. You can toggle the composition between video or audio-only by selecting Descript_D_icon.png > File > Set composition to video or audio-only.

Screenshot showing set composition to audio-only in file menu

Adding visuals

If you add a video to your script, Descript ask you if you would like to switch to a video composition.

Set audio-only as the default setting

You can set your default project type from your App settings.

  1. Click the Descript_D_icon.png Descript menu in the top left corner.
  2. Select Settings to open your App settings.

    Opening App settings from within a project

  3. Click the dropdown next to Default project and choose Audio.

    Changing the Default project to Audio in App settings

Considerations when switching from video and audio-only

If you have a composition where you have created video content, there are a few things to remember before switching your composition to audio-only.

  • If you do not need to edit the content further, you can always export your video composition as an audio file.
  • Video layers will still be visible in your timeline when switching to audio-only.  
  • You cannot export a video file while working in an audio-only composition; you will need to switch the composition back to a video to export a video file.
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