Accepting a drive membership invitation

Once you send a drive membership invitation, there are a few steps the new drive member needs to take before accessing the drive and its projects:

  1. They need to log in to the email address you sent the invitation to.
  2. They need to open the invitation email and select Accept invitation.
    • If the new member already has an account with Descript and is currently signed in, they will be prompted to Accept the invitation.
    • If the user would like to join the Drive with a different email address, they can click Logout. They will be prompted to either sign in with a different email or create a new account.
    • If the user does not currently have a Descript account or is not currently signed in, they will be directed to the Sign in / Sign up page and can proceed from there.

Once the user has accepted the invitation, they can either install the downloaded Desktop application or open the Descript desktop app if it's already installed.

Switching between drives

If the new member was already a Descript user, they can switch to the new drive by selecting it in the top left corner of the Drive view.

Screenshot of Drive view with red arrow and rectangle highlighting how to switch between multiple drives

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