Drive Membership Types

Descript makes it easy to collaborate with your team on your audio and video projects. When adding members to your drive, you have a couple membership roles to choose from.




Editor members:

  • Can create/edit unlimited projects on the shared Drive.
  • Can initiate transcriptions on any team project.
  • Increase the monthly automatic transcription rate limit for the shared drive each month (amount of automatic transcription hours is determined by the plan type).
  • Contribute 1 additional Overdub License to the shared drive (Pro Plan drive members).


Basic members:

  • Can view and comment on all projects on the Drive Workspace.
  • Can initiate transcription for any project that they have created.
  • Screen recordings are limited to a maximum resolution of 720p.
  • Exported videos have a maximum resolution of 720p.
  • Videos exported by Basic members will have a watermark in the lower-right corner of the video.