Drive Membership Types

Descript makes it easy to collaborate with your team on your audio and video projects. When adding members to your drive, you have a couple membership roles to choose from.




  • Contributes automatic transcription to the shared drive each month (depending upon your plan subscription).
  • (Pro Plans) Contributes 1 additional Overdub License to the shared drive.
  • Can create new projects on the team Drive.
  • Can initiate transcriptions on any team project.


  • Free members can view and comment on all of the shared drive projects.
  • Free members can edit up to 3 projects on the drive including:
    • Projects they've created
    • Projects they've been invited to
    • The Tutorial project
  • Can create new projects on the team Drive (if they have project slots available).
  • Can initiate transcription for any project that they have Edit access to on the drive.


Frequently Asked Questions


I'm receiving an error stating that I've reached my 3 project limit as a Free member of my team's Drive. Why is that?

- Descript counts the total number of projects that you have edit access to. This includes:

  • Projects that you have created on the Team drive.
  • Projects that have been shared with you on the Team drive.
  • The Tutorial project.