Timeline Export

With Descript's Creator and Pro subscriptions, you can "non-destructively" export a Composition to a format that can be opened in most major audio and video editing tools. This is different than Descript's normal Export Audio feature; when you export a Timeline:

  • You get a folder with an exported copy of your source files.
  • Your original files are preserved.
  • The edits / regions in Descript carry through, so you can still tweak trims, etc.



What Timeline Export formats does Descript support?

  • AAF: This is the main universal DAW file format. You can open AAF files in ProTools, Logic, and many other DAWs.
  • SESX: Adobe Audition, and Hindenburg.
  • Samplitude EDL: Reaper, Cakewalk, and various video editing apps.
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premiere


Are there any major editors that I can't export to?

Here's the known list:

  • GarageBand: It's an entry level tool and unlikely they'll support importing other file formats.
  • Audacity: Currently Audacity does not support the import of EDL (edit decision list).
  • Avid Media Composer


What features are not currently supported in Timeline Export?

  1. Fades and cross-fades
  2. Volume automation
  3. Effects (compression and equalization)
  4. Clip Speed
  1. FCP only
  1. Titles
  2. Cues
  3. Video tracks without audio
  4. Images
  5. Video dissolves & opacity
  6. Layering
  7. Scale/Rotate/Positioning
  8. Multicam
  9. Clip Speed