Timeline Editor Overview

Descript's Timeline Editor is a powerful tool for fine-tuning your audio edits.

While you'll mostly be editing audio through the script view, the Waveform Editor is handy for:

  • Fine-tuning script-based audio edits (i.e. adjusting the boundary trim, adding crossfades)
  • Expanding / contracting the space between words

Edits made in the timeline are synced to the script view, and vice versa.


Viewing the Timeline

To open the Timeline view, go to your application menu and select View > Show Timeline.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut, Cmd + Option + T (Mac) / Ctrl + Alt + T (Win).


Timeline Selection

Single-click a clip to reposition the playhead.


Double-click to select a clip.


Triple-click to select an entire track.



Trimming Clips

To fine tune a Clip boundary, click and drag the edge of the Clip.

As you drag, new words will appear / disappear from both the Wordbar and the Script View.


Using the Wordbar to adjust the space between words

To add / remove silence between words, click and drag a word in the Wordbar.


Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete Ranges

Note that when you make edits, your Timeline will "ripple" (or "shuffle") - meaning, when you make an edit, the rest of the clips will move to compensate for that edit.


Adding Fades and Crossfades

To add fades and crossfades, use the handles in the top corners of Clips. Pull into the Clip to add a fade, and away from the Clip to create a crossfade.


Adjusting Clip Volume / Gain

Adjust the volume of a Clip if you'd like to make it louder or softer. You can either open the Track Inspector (Cmd + Opt + I in MacOS, Ctrl + Alt + I in Windows) and select the clip, or right-click on the clip and select Show clip properties. There you can adjust the Volume in the Clip Properties section.



Splitting Clips

To split a Clip at the playhead position, use the keyboard shortcut (Mac: Option + B, Windows: Alt + B) or right-click.