Layer Panel

The Layer panel covers all your properties for individual content layers, including the Script, media files, audio tracks, sequences, shapes, and more. You’ll find:

  • Navigate to other layers within your project.
  • A current scene / all scenes toggle to adjust a layer in one section or throughout the entire project.
  • Adjust layer duration, layout, opacity, and multicam selections.
  • Add audio effects, video effects, and animations to specific layers.
  • View composition attributes

Navigating layers

Navigating layers within your project allows you to easily switch between different layers to make adjustments. You can use the Layer Panel to select and highlight specific layers, making it easier to manage complex projects with multiple elements.

Current scene / All scenes

The current scene / all scenes toggle lets you choose whether to apply changes to a layer within a single scene or across all scenes in your project. This feature is useful for maintaining consistency and making bulk adjustments efficiently.

Layer attributes

Adjusting layer attributes allows you to control various properties of a layer, such as its duration, Size and Position, Opacity, and Multicam selections. These settings help you fine-tune how each layer appears and behaves in your project. You can also adjust the layer size, shape, and corner rounding. If your video is longer than the clip or scene it appears in, you can use the "Start at" option to adjust the video's start time within the clip.

Layer effects and animations

Adding effects and animations to layers enhances the visual and auditory experience of your project. You can apply audio effects, video effects, and animations to specific layers to make your content more engaging and dynamic.

View composition attributes

Viewing composition attributes allows you to adjust the overall settings of your composition, such as resolution, frame rate, and audio settings. This ensures that your entire project adheres to the desired specifications. To access this, click on your composition title.

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