Layer visibility and order

You can choose to hide or show the Timeline. While the Timeline is visible, you will see all layers in your composition.

You can also see your layers in the Layer panel.

Layer order

The layer order in the Timeline mirrors the arrangement of visuals in the Canvas and the Layer panel. Layers positioned towards the back in your canvas will appear lower in the Timeline stack, and vice-versa.

For visual layers extended over multiple scenes, the layer's position in the Timeline is set by its order in the first scene. This holds true even if you change the layer's position in a later scene.

Adjusting layer order (visual only)

You can move and rearrange visual layers from the Timeline or the Canvas:

  • Right-click on any visual layer and choose an option in the Layer order section of the menu.

Layers extended across multiple scenes

If you are working with a visual layer extended across multiple scenes, changing its layer order from the Timeline affects the layer's position in all scenes. Use the Canvas if you want to change an extended layer's order in just one scene.

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