Doing a test recording in SquadCast


It can often help to do a short test ~30-second test recording with your guest before your main recording. The Host can listen back to recordings ounce generated by selecting the recording menu in the lower right corner of your display. Doing that will display recordings that can be played or downloaded. That'll provide the insight to know if any changes need to be made to volume, equipment, echo cancellation, etc.. If needed, the host can click the participants icon in the lower right corner of the display to expand the panel. If needed, the host can view the sample rate, browser version, OS version, and equipment info and details. The host can also change participant equipment if needed by clicking and expanding the equipment name and selecting a different available device from the drop-down.


During Recording: Session hosts can view uploads in real-time by clicking the recording icon in the lower right corner. This helps them monitor whether the file is uploading properly. If necessary, the recording can be stopped and restarted during the session.


These tools should help ensure a successful session. 


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