Preview upcoming features with Descript Labs

Descript offers you the option to try new and upcoming features through Descript Labs. This allows you to experiment with upcoming features in their early-stages. These features are in development, so their quality may vary. We encourage you to experiment with these early-access features and share feedback.

How to access a Descript Labs feature

Screenshot of Descript with numbered steps for enabling Descript Labs features

  1. Open Settings > General.
  2. In the Labs section, turn on or off the features you would like to try out.

You can also turn on or off features from your app setting in the Drive view.

Sharing your feedback

You can leave us feedback about a Descript Labs feature by clicking Leave Feedback at the bottom of under the Labs section in Settings.

Screenshot of Descript settings with arrow pointing at Leave Feedback button for Descript Labs

Features to try out

New Timeline design 

The redesigned Timeline offers improved editing and selection capabilities. Below you can review the key improvements to the new design.

Increased visual feedback and clarity on layers

GIF showing the following Timline redesign improvements: larger thumbnails, adjustable layer heights, and vertical scrolling

  • Layers now have larger content thumbnails and always-visible layer names
  • Choose from default and large layer heights
  • The timeline is now vertically scrollable

More power and flexibility

GIF showing multi-scene layer selection, visible timestamps while using the slip tool, and improved volume keyframe editing

  • For layers that span across scenes, you can now select and make changes to the whole layer or to specific scenes.
  • Easier to slip edit directly from the timeline by seeing start and end timestamps
  • More granularity when editing volume keyframes
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