Preview upcoming features with Descript Labs

Descript offers you the option to try new and upcoming features through Descript Labs. This allows you to experiment with upcoming features in their early stages. These features are in development, so their quality may vary. We encourage you to experiment with these early-access features and share feedback.

The Descript labs options change from time to time, given your feedback. If you do not see any options, do not worry! We hope to add more features for you to preview soon.

How to access a Descript Labs feature

  1. Open Settings > General.
  2. In the Labs section, turn on or off the features you would like to try out.

You can also turn on or off features from your app setting in the Drive view.

Sharing your feedback

You can leave us feedback about a Descript Labs feature by clicking Leave Feedback at the bottom of under the Labs section in Settings.

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