Changing the default save location for new projects

Plan restriction

This feature is available for Enterprise plans only.

Drive admins of Enterprise Drives have the option to switch the default storage location of newly created projects to the Private workspace, instead of the Drive workspace. This is great for helping organizations with lots of users keep their main team Drive workspace free from clutter as new projects are spun up.

Accessing Drive Settings

From the Drive view

To access this setting from the Drive View, click on your Drive selector and choose Settings.


This will automatically take you to the Drive Subscription menu where you can click the toggle to enable Default new projects to private workspace.


From an open Project

To access your Drive settings from an open Project, click the D menu icon at the top-left corner of the editor, click Settings, then select the Subscription tab.


Moving a project between workspaces

Once a team member is ready to share their project with the rest of the organization, they can then move the project from the Private workspace to the Drive workspace. Learn more about moving projects in the Drive view in our article Moving projects and folders on a drive.

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