Recording Start/Stop Audio Tone

In SquadCast, a visual cue indicates that a recording has started or stopped. However, you can enhance your experience by enabling an audio tone that plays when the recording starts and stops. This feature is available within the Advanced Show Settings and will apply to all sessions for that Show.

SquadCast offers two distinct audio tones that will be audible to all session participants. Additionally, a Screen Reader option announces the recording's start and stop via screen reader alerts. This option is designed for those using screen readers and won't be heard by other participants.

How to change the start/stop audio tone for a Show

  1. Select the Show on the left side of the Dashboard.
  2. In the top right corner, select the Show Settings button.
  3. Under the Advanced Show Settings section, select the dropdown menu to the right of Enable Recording Start/Stop Audio Tone and select one of the options. For no sound when a recording starts or stops, select None.
  4. Select the Save Changes button in the top right corner.
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