Invite Co-Hosts & Guests to a Recording Session

There are three different ways to invite your co-hosts & guests to a SquadCast recording session.


To invite by email from the Recording Sessions page, start by creating a session. Once the session has been configured to your liking, click the Send Emails button in the top right corner to invite your participants, then click Done.

This will automatically generate unique invitation links that will be sent to each of your participants. The invitation emails inform you and your guests about the recording session, add the scheduled session to your calendar and contain links to join the session in Studio.

Please note the links sent to you and your guest are unique. Do not forward your guests the email you received, or it will not let you both join the Studio session at the same time.


To generate a invitation link from the Dashboard, select Share Link next to the Start Session button and paste the provided link into your invite email or any messaging app.


Hosts MUST use the dashboard to join the session. If you use the session link, you will be treated like a guest and will be unable to record.


You can invite a participant while in a session following the steps below:

  1. Select the Participants tab in the lower right corner
  2. Select the Invite button in the top right corner to copy the session invitation link
  3. Paste the link and provide it directly using the method of your choice (email, messenger tools, etc.)

Are there recurring SquadCast session links? While there are no recurring recording links, you can use the same session link multiple times to record separate Takes.

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