Create a New Recording Session

Create a Session on the Dashboard

Sessions can be created instantly or scheduled from the Dashboard by clicking the New Session button in the upper right corner. Then enter in the following info for your session:

  • Select between Start Now or Schedule a Session (Start Now will take you directly to the Green Room)
  • Select the Show at the top
  • Give the session a title
  • Enter a start date and time
  • Choose between Audio And Video or Audio Only Recording Format
  • Enter Co-host and guest emails in the participants section
  • Click Create Backstage to enable the Backstage and enter any Backstage participant emails

Once the session has been configured to your liking, click the Send Emails button in the top right corner to invite your participants, then click Done.


When you create a session, SquadCast automatically generates unique invitation links that can be provided directly or by email. The invitation emails inform you and your guests about the recording session, add the scheduled session to your calendar and contain links to join the session in Studio.

Please note the links sent to you and your guest are unique. Do not forward your guests the email you received, or it will not let you both join the Studio session at the same time.

To enter the session click the join button located to the right of the session name to enter the Studio Session.


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