Underlord's Publishing Actions

Our Ask Underlord Actions are designed to help with tasks commonly involved with publishing your content. This includes creating YouTube descriptions, social media posts, summaries, podcast show notes, and blog posts. Once you've done all the writing, recording, and editing for your project, these AI actions aim to save time and let you focus on what you love: creating great video and audio content.

Draft a title

Have Underlord help you draft up a few title suggestions that encapsulate your content. You can provide examples of titles you have liked or even give custom instructions to help Underlord know what to suggest. 


After spending hours creating a compelling video or podcast you'd think it'd be easy to write a concise summary. But it's not. Use Underlord to help get a tight, accurate summary.

Show Notes

You can have Underlord draft up show notes that include a short description of your content with chapters and timestamps. 

YouTube Description

When you publish your video to YouTube, you can add a description that tells your audience—and the YouTube algorithm—what your video is about.  This is the last thing you likely want to do after you pour all your creative efforts into making your video. Let Underlord handle auto-generating a captive description.

Draft a social post

Underlord can help you craft engaging and personalized social captions effortlessly based on your project's script. You can choose how the style you want your social post to be. For example, style your posts for personal social networks or professional ones. You can also choose how many posts you want Underlord to help you draft.

Draft a blog post

Expanding your content reach and catering to a broader audience is easy with this AI Action. It drafts a blog write-up based on your script, which will include a title, the blog copy, and any necessary headers.

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