Edit boundaries

Screenshot of a script in Descript with red rectangles around edit boundaries

Edit boundaries are vertical lines that appear in your script. They are different from scene boundaries and represent where two clips in your script meet. Edit boundaries will show up anytime you make an edit in the script editor or timeline, so anytime you:

Viewing edit boundaries in your script

Screenshot showing numbered steps for toggling on or off viewing edit boundaries in a Descript project

If you want to toggle on or off viewing edit boundaries in your script, click Descript D icon.png > View > Show edit boundaries.

When edit boundaries are showing, you can quickly access the following additional features:

  • Smooth edits—hover over an edit boundary and click Regenerate.png Regenerate edit to smooth any jumpy, mismatched, or awkward edits using our Regenerate feature. Learn more about Regenerate

GIF showing how to create a smooth edit from an edit boundary

  • Restoring removed media—if you need restore anything you edited out, right-click on an edit boundary and select Restore removed media from the menu.

Restore removed media.gif

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