Timeline tools

The Timeline tools allow you to interact with your script track, layers, and scenes from the Timeline. There are five tools:

You can access the Timeline tools with keyboard shortcuts A, B, R, Y, and H. If the Timeline is visible, you can access these tools from the top right corner of the Timeline.

Screenshot of the timline showing where to access the timeline tools

Select tool

The Select tool allows you to select, trim, or move a clip or layer in your Timeline. You can select multiple adjacent clips in the script track by pressing Shift + Click. If you’d like to select a single clip in your non-script layer, double click on the clip.

Moving media with the select tool

  • You can move clips from your script track into the layer lane.
  • You can move audio, image, or video layers from your layer lane to your script track.
  • If you need to move a layer or clip in the layer lane, the clip or layer will attach to the scene’s boundaries:
    • If the clip or layer touches one or no boundaries before moving it, it will attach to the front scene boundary.
    • If the clip or layer shares both scene boundaries before you move it, it will attach to both boundaries of the new scene.
  • You can combine audio, image, or video clips of the same clip type into a single layer.
  • When you move a layer towards another one in the Timeline, you can use layer snapping to help lineup your layers.

Range tool

The Range tool allows you to make selections of your script or audio or video layer. You can either click and drag your cursor over a specific area, or double-click to select an entire clip.

GIF showing Timeline and Range tool feature

Additional range tools

After selecting a range in your timeline, additional options become available by right-clicking on the selected range.

  • Add label for range - Allows you to add labels to non-speech sections portions of your script track.
  • Replace with gap clip - Swaps a section of your recorded media with an empty gap clip.
  • Realign words in range - Initiates a word alignment re-evaluation for parts of your script where the words are not lined up correctly to the underlying media.
  • Remove from script / Include in script - Quickly move a selected clip between the script track and the layer lane.

Blade tool

The Blade tool will split clips or layers at the click location.

GIF showing Timeline and Blade tool feature

Hand tool

The Hand tool allows you to quickly adjust your horizontal view of the Timeline.

GIF showing Timeline and Hand tool feature

Slip tool

The Slip tool allows you to shuffle through the portion of the project file or sequence played within a clip.

GIF showing Timeline and Slip tool feature

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