Recording hours for SquadCast

Each plan comes with a set of monthly recording hours. Any unused recording time will rollover from month to month and is limited to 2x of your plan's monthly hours. For example, if you have a Creator plan with no additional editor members, you have 10 monthly recording hours and a maximum rollover limit of 20 recording hours.

View your available recording hours

  1. Sign in to SquadCast.
  2. Once you are signed in, click you organization's icon in the top left corner to see your recording hours.


Monthly recording and transcription hours 

If you haven't already, make sure to connect your Descript account to SquadCast. This will make sure your remote recording time does not count towards your monthly transcription hours when importing SquadCast recordings into Descript.

How can I increase my monthly recording hours?

While the recording hours used in SquadCast will not count towards your monthly transcription hours in Descript for linked accounts (see the above section), they are paired together in our system. If you need more recording hours, you can look into getting more transcription hours

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