Understanding exported video size and quality

In the process of importing and exporting content with Descript, you might notice some changes in the size of your files, and think that the quality of your exported file is lower. But file size doesn't directly correlate with file quality. In this article we'll explain why these changes occur and share some insight on what they mean for your work.

File size vs. quality

Descript uses compression to maintain the highest quality at the smallest possible file size. If you notice your exported file is smaller than your imported files, it doesn't necessarily mean that the exported video is lower-quality.

Bit Depth Customization

When exporting video, Descript allows you to adjust the video quality to high, medium, or low settings. You cannot customize these options beyond these presets. Please note that bit depth mainly influences the extent of file compression, not the quality of your exported file. 

Do you have specific export requirements?

If you have highly specific requirements for file parameters, consider exporting your work to XML. This will make sure you preserve the exact parameters from your original files.

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