View, share, and manage a published page

After publishing your content as a web link, you may download your content (up to 10x faster than locally exporting a file), share the page with other, and comment directly on the page.

Publish settings

You can make setting changes from the web page without having to republish your composition. These are the same settings before publishing with the exception of resolution. You'll need to re-publish the page to change the resolution of your content.

Select Settings_icon.png Settings at the top of your published page to view and adjust the page settings.

screenshot of a published Descript page with a red circle highlighting the Settings icon


Setting Description
Access Setting the privacy settings for your publish webpage; you can adjust this setting after publishing from the webpage
Show transcript Display you composition’s transcript on the published web page
Allow comments Allow commenting on the published web page
Show author Display the project owner’s name on the web page
Allow sharing from embeds Add a share button on embedded video or audio players of your published page
Custom branding Enable/disable showing the drive’s icon on the published web page
Changing default publish privacy

Drive owners have the option to change the default publish privacy setting in their Drive settings page.

Unpublish the page

You can unpublish a web link directly on the web page. Please note that any comments added directly on the shared page will not be saved.

  1. Open the shared page.
  2. Select Publish settings.
  3. Click Unpublish.


Download content

One of the major benefits to publishing your content as a web link is that you can download the content as a file. After publishing a web link, the content can be downloaded by selecting  download icon Download at the top of the web page, or from the Publish panel in the Descript. Learn more about downloading a published page.


Copy link & embed

Copy link in the editor

You can quickly access your published page URL in the Descript editor by clicking on the Publish button, then selecting the paperclip icon to Copy link.

Copy and embed on the share page

You can quickly copy the link to your share file by clicking the link icon at the top of the share page, then clicking Copy link which will automatically copy the URL to your clipboard for easy pasting.

If you'd like to have the link start partway through the recording, just drag the playhead to the point in time and click the checkbox to Start at (time) which will update the URL link.

Descript also provides the option to copy the embed code directly into the html of your website. Click the Copy code button to copy the html code to your clipboard, then paste to your destination html.

Page views

If you are the creator of the published web page, you track Page views icon page views in the top right corner of the web page.


You can allow for commenting on the published page. Keep in mind that comments made on a published page are separate from comments made in a composition.

  1. Select the place in the video or audio you want to add a comment. You can also highlight a section of the transcript if you have Show transcript enabled for the page.
  2. Open Show comments on the page.
  3. Select Add a comment at the bottom of the sidebar.
  4. Type your comment and click Send.

Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly add comments

Press Shift + Cmd + M (Mac) or Shift + Ctrl + M (Windows) to add a comment at a spot in your page's content, or at a highlight region of the transcript. 

Edit the project

Users who have a project and the page creator can open the Descript project directly from the shared page. Simply select Edit at the top of the page.

Not seeing the edit button?

Make sure you are signed into your Descript account. Select Vertical_ellipses_icon.png and Sign in at the top right of the shared page.

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