Troubleshooting a project that isn't saving

On rare occasions, usually due to local network instability, your project may appear not to save as expected. This issue may occur after restarting your computer or when you've returned to edit a project after a period of standby time. This article covers a couple of potential solutions for restoring lost project data. 

Check the project's version history

If you see project versions marked as "pending," it's likely that your project is not saving. Not to worry, these pending versions are all saved locally to your device. In most cases, you can wait a few minutes and the pending revisions will save and you will see the time in which they save successfully.

If after waiting some time, the pending versions do not appear to save. You can export a project backup (which will include all locally saved changes) and import that backup to try and force the pending versions to save. To do this you can follow these steps:

Creating project backups

  1. Open the project.
  2. At the top of your screen, select Descript D icon.png > Help & feedback > Debug > Export project backup...
  3. Select the location on your computer where you want to save the backup file. We recommend saving the file to your desktop so you can easily retrieve it.
  4. Select Save.

Importing a project backup into Descript

  1. Open or create a new project.
  2. At the top of your screen, select Descript D icon.png > Help & feedback > Debug > Import project backup...
  3. Locate and select the backup file, and click Import.

Contact support

If you can't recover the project data from your project history, we recommend reaching out to customer support for assistance. The Descript team will see if the missing data can be restored, and gather details to fix the issue so it doesn’t happen again.

You’ll need to provide a project backup file when reaching out to support.

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