Troubleshooting Studio Sound Issues

This page will guide you through some of the most common issues using Studio Sound and how to resolve them.

I can't apply Studio Sound to an Overdub voice
This is expected. If you would like to apply Studio Sound, or edit an Overdub like other audio clips, you'll need to first convert the Overdub clip to audio:
  1. Locate your Overdub clip in the Timeline at the bottom of the editor.
  2. Click Convert to audio

Screenshot of timeline with convert to audio circled

Error: “Studio sound enhancement failed”
  1. Please wait a few minutes and then re-apply Studio Sound. This is usually a temporary issue.
  2. If you are still seeing this error after a few minutes, check the status page to see if any ongoing issues are affecting Studio Sound.
  3. If everything is operational on the status page, try replacing the file, then re-apply Studio Sound.
The audio waveform disappeared after enabling Studio Sound
If a file contains loud background noise, Studio Sound may remove the speech instead of separating it from the background audio. Disabling Studio Sound or reducing the intensity should help out. Learn more about using Studio Sound
Exports with Studio Sound exhibit echo / delay

In order to work around this you can either:

  • Leave Studio Sound set to 0% (no studio sound)
  • Leave Studio Sound set to 100% (full studio sound)
  • Replace the track
    • Create a new composition with studio sound set to the desired intensity
    • Export the mixed audio
    • Use the Replace file feature to swap the mixed version of your file with your source file
    • Export again
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