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Copy a Classic project to the new Descript

If you'd like to try out all of the latest features of Descript for an existing Classic project, you can follow these steps to copy the project to the new Descript.

Copy to Storyboard

  1. Open the Descript app.
  2. Locate the Classic project you want to convert. All classic projects will have the word "Classic" next to the project name in the Drive View.
  3. Select theVertical ellipses iconicon to the right of the project name, and choose Copy to Storyboard.
  4. Once complete, the new project will open will open in a new window.

Quickly copy an open Classic project

Select Copy this project to the new Descript in the banner at the top of the editor screen.

Descript Drive View with numbered steps showing how to copy a classic project into a new Descript project

Feature limitations for older projects

If the Classic project was created before 2023, you may need to replace the project files before copying the project to the new Descript.

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