Correcting misspelled captions after uploading to YouTube

You may notice that after uploading your completed video to YouTube that your video contains captions that differ from your Descript captions. YouTube has a feature that automatically generates captions for videos and makes them available to viewers if not removed or replaced.

Removing YouTube Automatic Captions

Navigate to YouTube and click on Your videos in the left-hand sidebar.



On the Channel content page, mouse over your video then select the Details button.



On the Video details page, click the Subtitles menu in the left-hand sidebar.



Once the captions have finished processing, they will appear as an "English (Automatic)" subtitle.



They may not be visible for some time after the upload has finished processing, depending upon the length of your video.


Click on the Options button to the right of the subtitle line and select Delete. When prompted, confirm your selection by pressing Delete Captions.



Once complete, you can then add your own Descript-corrected subtitles. See: Adding subtitles to YouTube videos 


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