Adding subtitles to YouTube videos

Adding subtitles to your YouTube videos is a snap and can assure that your viewers have the best possible caption experience while viewing your content. Read on to learn more about how you can add your Descript-corrected transcript as subtitles to your videos.


Getting Started

YouTube automatically generates captions for uploaded videos, but they may not be as accurate as your Descript-corrected transcript. Check out our help center article Why do my videos have misspelled captions after uploading to YouTube? to learn how to remove YouTube automatic captions from your video.

Once you've finished editing your video and making all of the corrections to the transcript, check out our article on Exporting a transcript as a document or captions/subtitles to see how you can generate a .VTT or .SRT subtitle file for use with YouTube.


Adding subtitles to YouTube

Now that you've generated your subtitle file, navigate to YouTube and click on Your videos in the left-hand sidebar.



On the Channel content page, mouse over your video then select the Details button.



On the Video details page, click the Subtitles menu in the left-hand sidebar.



If no default language is selected for your channel, click the Add Language button and select the appropriate language for your subtitles.



Click on the Add button to the right of your new subtitle language to open up the subtitle editor.



Click the Upload file button and then select the subtitle file on your computer, then click Open.



At this point, you have the option of reviewing your subtitle text and timings to make any necessary adjustments. The following YouTube article provides a little more detail on how this can be done: Edit or Remove Captions. Once complete, you may click Publish to finalize your changes.



At that point, you're all set! Your videos will now have great subtitles available for your viewers which they can access by clicking the CC button at the bottom of the video pane.



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