Copy and paste attributes

Copying and pasting attributes between clips or layers in Descript allows you to quickly apply settings like volume adjustments, zoom positions, or color corrections from one part of your project to another. This guide will help you understand the differences between clips and layers, what attributes can be copied, and from where to copy them.

Getting Started

In Descript, clips refer to individual pieces of media on the timeline, such as audio, video, or image files, while layers refer to visual elements that can be overlaid on these clips, such as text or shapes.

  1. Select your source clip or layer (either single-click with the Select tool, or double-click with the Range tool).
  2. Open the Descript menu and select Edit > Copy to copy it, or press Command + C (macOS) or Control + C (Windows).
  3. Select the destination clip or layer. If you would like to apply the effect to more than one, you can either press Shift + Click with the Select tool to select multiple, or select Edit > Select All to select all within the track or layer.
  4. Select Edit > Paste selected attributes or press Command + Shift + V (macOS) or Control + Shift + V (Windows) to apply the properties.
Where to Copy From Timeline vs. Canvas

Some attributes, like zoom and color corrections, must be copied from the Canvas as they pertain to visual adjustments. Other settings, such as volume or text style, can be copied directly from the Timeline.

Limitations on Attribute Copy

Not all attributes can be copied between all clip or layer types. Current limitations include the inability to copy certain layer-specific settings between non-script elements.

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