Copy and paste attributes

Have you ever wanted to copy the attributes of one clip or layer and apply them to another? Maybe you've made a volume adjustment to a clip and would like to apply that same setting to several others. Or maybe you would like to copy the zoom / position effects of one of your video clips to one in a different Composition. With Copy and paste attributes, this is a snap!

Getting Started

First, select your source clip (either single-click with the Select Tool, or double-click with the Range Tool). Once the clip is selected you can select Edit > Copy in the Descript menubar (Windows: Control + C / MacOS: Command + C).

Next, select the destination clip. If you would like to apply the effect to more than one clip in the timeline, you can either press Shift + Click with the Select tool to select a range of clips, or select Edit > Select All to select the entire timeline. Once ready, Edit > Paste Selected Attributes (Windows: Control + Shift + V / MacOS: Command + Shift + V) to apply the clip properties to all selected clips.

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