Green Screen

Green Screen is a powerful feature that uses artificial intelligence to remove the background from a video. Add the effect and Descript will analyze and remove the background.

Before using this feature

  • You must be connected to the internet to apply Green Screen to a visual.
  • For the best results with Green Screen, we recommend you: 

    • Remove any person or animal visuals in the background
    • Remove any inanimate objects in the foreground
    • Avoid upside-down faces (you can always flip your video after applying the effect)

How to apply Green Screen

  1. Select your script or the visual layer you want to apply Green Screen to from the Canvas.
  2. In the Layer panel, select Green Screen under the Effects section. For videos, the Green Screen will already be in the list of effects; toggle the effect on to begin processing.
  3. A message will appear indicating that it’s being applied to the visual layer. This may take several minutes, depending on the size of your file. and the effect will begin processing.
  4. After the Green Screen effect has been successfully processed, you can switch it on or off as needed without the effect needing to be reprocessed. You can toggle Green Screen on or off either for all scenes or individually per scene.


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