Descript's ducking feature allows you to maintain clarity of speech in your composition by automatically lowering the volume of other audio layers whenever a speech clip is in the script. This is great for when you have background layers, music, sound effects, or other ambient noise that may otherwise reduce the intelligibility of your speakers.

How Ducking works

Ducking works by checking for a clip on the layer it has been enabled. If a clip exists, the volume of all other layers will be reduced by the amount specified. If a gap clip is on the layer, ducking will be disabled, and the volume of different layers will increase to their defined volume levels.

Using Ducking

To apply ducking, select some text in your script or a clip in the script layer of the Timeline. You can then enable the effect from the Audio Effects section of the Properties Panel.
Ducking is a layer-level effect

Please note that ducking is always applied to the entire layer and cannot be applied only to specific clips.

Adjusting volume reduction

To change the amount of reduction on your other audio layers, click the Effect Settings button to the right of the toggle switch, then click to modify the Amount percentage.

Parameter Description
Other audio layers will be reduced to this percentage level, except when a gap clip is playing on the audio layer.

Enabling ducking on multiple layers

Ducking can also be applied to multiple layers simultaneously if you'd like to maintain your current volume level across several layers. This is great, for example, if you've mixed in other background layers (like sound effects) that you want to pop out over your speaker.

Whenever this feature is enabled for more than one layer in the composition, those other layers are also excluded from the volume reduction and will remain at full volume.

Working with different reduction settings

If you've enabled ducking on multiple layers and those layers have different Amount (reduction) settings, Descript will prefer the setting that reduces the volume of other layers the most.

Sequence limitations

Ducking is not currently supported with layers in the Sequence Editor.

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