Making sure clip levels are consistent across your project can be tedious and time-consuming. That's why we introduced auto-leveling, which automatically adjusts the gain for individual audio clips in a composition. Auto-leveling will automatically adjust the gain to -16 dB for clips in your projects, improving its perceived loudness to other clips.

Using auto-leveling

You can enable or disable auto-leveling in your App settings or toggle the feature for an individual project in your Project settings:

  • From your Drive View, click your profile icon in the top right corner and choose Settings. Your App settings will appear, and you can toggle on or off Automatic volume levels (auto-leveling) from the panel.

Automatic Levels.png

  • Open the main editor if you want to enable or disable auto-leveling for a specific project. Select the menu in the top left corner, then select File > Project settings. Your project's settings will appear, and you can enable or disable Perform automatic leveling on clips (auto-leveling) for that project.

Mind the peaks...

On occasion, you may find that auto-leveling doesn't boost a clip that you know is too low to begin with. Since auto-leveling analyzes the entire length of your clip, one thing you can check is if there are any spikes in volume along the length of the clip (like from a guest sneezing into the mic).

If there is, go ahead and split the clip with the Blade tool before and after that point, then try re-running auto-leveling.


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