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Making sure clip levels are consistent across your project can be tedious and time-consuming. That's why we introduced auto-leveling, which automatically adjusts the gain for individual audio clips in a composition.

Auto-leveling will automatically adjust the gain to -16 dB for clips in your projects, improving its perceived loudness to other clips.

Using auto-leveling

You can enable or disable auto leveling in your app preferences or toggle the feature for an individual project:

  • From your Drive View or the main editor, press Descript_D_icon.png in the top left corner and choose Preferences. Your app preferences will appear, and you can enable or disable auto-leveling from the panel.


  • Open the main editor if you want to enable or disable auto-leveling for a specific project. Select Descript_D_icon.png > File > Project settings. Your project's settings will appear, and you can enable or disable auto-leveling for the project.


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