Account data and privacy

Descript uses project information for the sole purpose of improving the app. During initial onboarding, users are prompted to set this preference and have the option to change it later on. Don't worry; Descript prioritizes data privacy and security:

  • Please see our privacy page for an overview of how your information is collected, used, and disclosed.
  • Please see our security page for a full overview of our policies and how we protect your data.
Ensuring Data Privacy in AI Processes

Some of our features rely on sub-processors like OpenAI but we have agreements in place that no data is used by them to train their AI models, and for any in-house AI training we maintain a clear data sharing opt-in, and otherwise data is not used for AI training.

Are Descript's AI models trained on my data?
  • Current AI models in production use no Descript user data.
  • Internal research and development AI models only data from users who have opted into data sharing.
  • We have no plans to use any user's data who has opted out of data sharing at any stage of research, development, or production.

Disabling data sharing

You can opt out of data sharing at any time:

  1. Sign into your account from the app or the web, then select your profile picture in the top right corner of the Drive view.
  2. Select Settings icon Settings.
  3. Select the Profile tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Share data with Descript section and select Allowed to toggle data sharing off.

Enterprise customers are automatically opted out of data sharing.

Profile tab of settings showing steps for disabling data share

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