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Invoice history

Descript makes your monthly or annual invoice history available online or in the app via the account menu. Invoice history includes:

  • Invoices for monthly and annual subscription payments (including additional monthly transcription hours if any)
  • Monthly invoices for White Glove transcription

White Glove transcription invoices are based on usage; If you did not purchase a White Glove transcription during a monthly period, this invoice will be for $0.00.

  • Additional "One-time boost" transcription hour payments

Viewing your invoice history

If you would like to view your invoices:

  1. Visit https://web.descript.com/invoices or open the app and view the Invoice tab under your Account setting.

  2. Select an invoice to view it.

Currently we only offer invoices through the website or in-app Invoices menus. Emailed invoices are not available at this time.

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