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Publishing a web link

You can publish a standalone web page with a shareable link and an embeddable web player. Click Publish, select the Publish tab, and then choose Web link from the list of options.  


Published page settings

You can adjust the setting of a web link from the publishing panel.


Setting Description
Resolution Set the video resolution to 480p, the 720p, 1080p, or 4K
Access Setting the privacy settings for your publish webpage; you can adjust this setting after publishing from the webpage
Show transcript Display you composition’s transcript on the published web page
Allow comments Allow commenting on the published web page
Show author Display the project owner’s name on the web page
Custom branding Enable/disable showing the drive’s icon on the published web page

Customize the page thumbnail

By default, your page's thumbnail will be the first frame of your video.You can customize the thumbnail by clicking on the preview in the Publishing panel. 

Publishing a page

Once you're ready, you can click Publish. You can then copy the web page link, and open it in a browser window.


Published page access

If you need to control the privacy and access of your page, you can do this from the publish web page panel in the main editor, or directly from the published web page.


Content length limitations for video

  • Creator and Free plans may publish videos up to 1 hour
  • Pro plans may publish videos up to 3 hours

Compositions with video exceeding the length limitation will be published as audio only.

Re-publishing a page

If you need re-publish a page, select Publish in the top right corner of the editor. Make any necessary changes to the advanced settings, and click Update. The original URL will be preserved, and the underlying content will be re-rendered.


Re-publishing pages with comments

Re-publishing a page will cause any published comments to be permanently removed. Users wishing to work collaboratively with other users during the editing phase will instead want to invite collaborators to comment directly within the project. More details can be found in our Project access help center article.

Removing a published page

If you need to remove a published page, select Publish setting in the top right corner of the published webpage, and select Unpublish. Removing a page will cause any published comments on the page to be permanently removed.

Viewing your page

Once your web page has been published, you may download it, copy the URL, or copy the embed code. If you have enabled show transcript and commenting in the web link’s settings, you can also highlight a section of text to leave a comment or share a range of the page as a link.

Page views

If you are the creator of the published web page, you track viewership in the top right corner of the web page.


Managing page settings

Once you’ve published your content as a web page, you can manage the page’s settings directly from the web page.


If you make setting changes from the web page, you do not need to republish your composition for these changes to take effect.

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