Timeline exports

You can "non-destructively" export a composition to a format that can be opened in most major audio and video editing tools. This is different than Descript's normal Export audio feature; when you export a Timeline:

  • You get a folder with an exported copy of your source files.
  • Your original files are preserved.
  • The edits and regions in Descript carry through, so you can still tweak trims, etc.
  • Timecode values that were present in your source files are preserved in the media assets in the timeline export folder destination.

You can access the timeline export feature by clicking Publish, selecting the Export tab and then choosing Timeline from the list of options.

Timeline Export.png

Export settings


Setting Description


Set the file format for exporting to Pro Tools/Logic (aaf), Audition (sesx), Samplitude/Reaper (edl), Final Cut Pro X (fcpxml), or Premiere (xml)

Include media files in export

Includes the project files used in your composition in the exported folder

Create track for each file

Not available when exporting to a Final Cut Pro X file

Logic compatibility

For exporting an xml file for Logic Pro; strips spaces from filenames

Considerations when exporting to Pro Tools

Some Pro Tools editions do not support AAF file exchange. Please see Pro Tool's plan comparison for more details.

XML Interchange Feature Chart

Feature Final Cut Pro X Premiere Pro DaVinci Resolve
Animation No No No
Audio clips Yes Yes Yes
Audio effects No No No
Audio keyframes No No No
Automatic microfades No No No
Captions Yes No Yes
Clip speed No No No
Clip trimming Yes Yes Yes
Frame rate conversion No Yes No
HDR tone mapping No No No
Highlights No No No
Ignored script Yes Yes Yes
Images No No No
Loops No No No
Markers Yes Yes No
Room tone No No No
Scenes No No No
Sequences No No No
Shapes No No No
Speed No No No
Studio Sound Yes Yes Yes
Titles No No No
Transitions No No No
Video clips Yes Yes Yes
Video effects No No No
Studio Sound and timeline exports

Whenever Studio Sound is applied to a file, a new source file is created with the Studio Sound effect. For files with an intensity setting of less than 100%, Descript automatically blends the source and studio sound file together.

Timeline exports of Studio Sound files will include both the source audio and Studio Sound files separately, with volume adjusted to match the configured intensity value in your source composition.

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