White Glove transcription

End of White Glove Transcription Service

Given the considerable improvements of automated transcription technologies over recent years, Descript will be ending support for the White Glove transcription feature in favor of our existing Automatic transcription service.

  • Existing users will continue to be able to access this feature through on March 4, 2024 at which time it will officially be removed from the application.
  • Accounts that have never used the service will no longer have access to the feature after January 8, 2024.

We understand that some users may still prefer to rely upon human-assisted transcription services for their specific business needs. In order to assure an uninterrupted production pipeline, we highly recommend transitioning workflows directly over to our White Glove transcription provider Rev.com prior to the deprecation date.

In addition to automatic transcriptionDescript offers White Glove transcriptions: a human-powered transcription service at a competitive rate. With our White Glove transcription service, you get the following:

  • Up to 99% accuracy for files that are clearly audible
  • Timestamps and speaker labels included
  • Verbatim transcription
  • White Glove transcripts are usually completed in less than a business day but can take up to 3 business days to process
  • The audio is linked to the text, so you can hear what you're reading, on-demand
  • $2 per minute of audio.

How to order White Glove transcription

Before ordering:

  • Please note you cannot cancel White Glove transcriptions once you submit an order.
  • White Glove transcriptions are only available in English and do not provide translations from other languages.
  • There is a 2-hour limit to the length of audio or video files you can submit for each transcription. For longer files, please edit them into multiple shorter files.
  1. Select the media library icon Media library and open the Files tab.
  2. If you haven't added your file to the project yet, click + Add files or drag and drop it into the Media library panel.
  3. Select Transport_ellipses.png to the right of your file and select Order White Glove transcription.
  4. Confirm the order by selecting Submit.

Screenshot showing steps for ordering a White Glove transcription

Tracking your order

You cannot actively monitor a White Glove transcription's progress. Once you submit your order, the files will be assigned to a professional human transcriptionist. Typically orders are completed in less than a business day but can take up to 3 days to process. You’ll receive a notification email when it is complete.

How White Glove transcription cost is calculated

A White Glove transcription order is $2.00 per minute of audio. The order cost is based on the entire file length, not just the parts with speech. This is important to keep in mind, especially when:

  • ordering transcriptions for multiple speaker files from the same interview or recording session. Each file will be included in the cost of the order.
  • Ordering a transcription for a file with large sections without speech. Again, the total time and cost are based on the entire file length, not just the parts with speech.

Before confirming your White Glove transcript order, a prompt will appear showing you the cost of the transcription.

Screenshot of white glove order prompt

What issues impact the quality of a transcription?

  • Recording quality
    • low-bandwidth phone or internet recordings
    • recordings with high environmental noise such as traffic, wind, or other ambient sound
    • other poor recording conditions, devices, or extreme software compression
  • Unintelligible, or muffled speech
  • Heavy accents
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