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White Glove transcription

You might already know that Descript's automatic transcription leads the industry in accuracy and speed. But for mission-critical tasks, when automatic transcription doesn't cut it, we also offer White Glove transcription in the English language: professional, human transcription at a highly-competitive rate — in just one click. With our White Glove transcription service, you get:

  • English transcription
  • Up to 99% accuracy for files that are clearly audible
  • Timestamps and speaker labels included
  • Verbatim transcription
  • An average turn-around of less than 24 hours (learn more)
  • The audio is linked to the text, so you can hear what you're reading, on-demand
  • $2 / min of audio

White Glove Length Limit

There is a 2-hour limit to the length of audio or video files you can submit for each transcription. If you have audio or video longer than 2 hours, you must edit the media file into multiple parts so each file is under 2 hours.

How to order White Glove transcription

Please note you cannot cancel White Glove transcriptions once you submit an order.

Before using this feature, make sure add the media file to your project’s Media Library. Once you have imported your file:

  1. Open your Media Library and open the Project files tab.
  2. Select Transport_ellipses.png to the right of your file and select Order White Glove transcription.
  3. Confirm the order by selecting Submit.


Descript will upload your audio and initiate the White Glove transcription process, assigning it to a professional human transcriptionist. Typically White Glove transcripts are completed in less than a business day but can take up to 3 days to process. You’ll receive a notification email when it is complete.

How White Glove transcription cost is calculated

A White Glove transcription order is $2.00 per minute of audio. The order cost is based on the entire file length, not just the parts with speech. This is important to keep in mind, especially when:

  • Ordering transcriptions for multiple speaker files from the same interview or recording session. Each file will be included in the cost of the order.
  • Ordering a transcription for a file with large sections without speech. Again, the total time and cost are based on the entire file length, not just the parts with speech.

Before confirming your White Glove transcript order, a prompt will appear showing you the cost of the transcription.


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