Understanding Overdub text colors

  • Light blue text — You’ll see this when text has been added to a composition, but there is currently no assigned speaker label, or the speaker label does not have a linked Overdub voice.
  • Blue text — when an Overdub voice has been assigned to the speaker label, and the audio has finished generating.
  • Light blue text with an orange underline — when the Overdub audio has failed to generate, typically from a faulty internet connection interrupting the generation process.

If an overdub fails to generate, you can retry Overdub generation.

  • Blue text with grey underline — when the Overdub audio is currently being generated.
  • Black text — Overdub that has been converted to audio. Keep in mind that the rest of your non-Overdub script content will also be black text. In dark mode, this text will be white.

For now, Overdub is only available in English.

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