Managing and sharing your AI Speakers

For now, AI Speakers are only available in English.

You can view, manage and share your custom AI Speakers from the AI Speakers tab in the Drive View. Select an AI Speaker to view its details.

Screenshot of Drive view with red arrow pointing to AI speakers tab

Speakers created prior to v75 will be indicated by a play button icon which, when clicked, will play a sample of the training data. Speakers created after v75 will be indicated by a checkmark icon.

Manage AI Speaker details

You can also manage your AI Speaker details by opening the AI Speakers tab in the Drive view. Select Transport_ellipses.png to see the Speaker details.

Screenshot of Drive view with red arrow pointing to Overdub voice settings


Manage training data*  Opens the training session for your voice

Manage styles* 

View, delete, or set your default Voice style. Change the default Style by hovering over the desired voice

Share voice Share access to use your AI Speaker with other drive members
Rename voice Change the name of your AI Speaker as displayed in the main editor
Delete voice Delete your AI Speaker (and training session for Classic voices)

*Options only available for voices created prior to version 75 of Descript

Delete voice permanently deletes your AI Speaker (and its associated training project if applicable). Deleted voices cannot be recovered.

Sharing AI Speakers

When you create and train an AI Speaker, you can use said Speaker on any of the Drives you have access to. You can also share access to your AI Speaker with members of your Drive.

Managing Styles

For voices created before version 75 of Descript, you can change the default style of your voice by opening the voice settings opening the Manage styles option on your voice from the Drive View. Hover over the desired voice and click Set as default.

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