Write mode

Write mode lets you write your script using placeholder text or by generating text-to-speech with AI Speakers. This tool allows for more flexible workflows without the traditional barriers between writing and production. With Write mode, you can write your full script and start adding b-roll, music, and other layers without having to record the script first.

Using Write Mode

You can enable Write mode a few different ways while working in a project:

  • Start typing on a blank line in your script, and Write mode will automatically turn on.
  • Click Snag_69c052a.png Write at the top of the Script editor.
  • Press Command + E (macOS) or Control + E (Windows) to toggle on or off Write mode.

You'll know that Write mode is enabled when there is a blue border around the Script editor and a Done writing button at the top.

Write mode affects your keyboard shortcuts

When Write mode is enabled:

  • You can start and stop playback by pressing Command + S (macOS) or Control + S (Windows).
  • Single letter keyboard shortcuts will not be available.
  • Using the @ symbol will still allow you to set a speaker for the text that follows.
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