Selection toolbar

screenshot of Descript editor with red rectangle highlighting the selection toolbarThe selection toolbar shows up when you highlight a portion of your script. It allows you to quickly access a variety of editing tools and other features:

  • Add layer — Add video, audio, images, or captions over your script content. When you add a layer, this will create new scene boundaries at the beginning and end of your selection.
  •  Ask AI... — Open the list of available AI Actions in the Action bar.
  • Replace — This allows you to replace your script content with a new recording, make a correction with  Overdub, or smooth out an edit with  Regenerate
  • Edit your script — choose to ignore your selection, delete it, replace with a gap clip, or just  correct the transcript without editing the underlying script audio or video..
  • Make your text selection bold or italic.
  • Highlight Highlight sections in your script in different colors. You can then use Copy highlights to aggregate your highlighted sections in a new composition.
  • Duplicate to... — Quickly copy selections to a new or other compositions in your project.
  • Add comments — Communicate and collaborate with your teammates by leaving comments and reminders in your script.
  • Ellipsis — Display the right-click menu for your selection.
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