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Search tool

The search tool lets you find text, word gaps, filler words, and highlighted script sections in your composition or throughout your entire project. You can interact with search results by making transcript corrections, removing or ignoring media, shortening word gaps, or copying search result content. You can also streamline your workflow by applying edits in bulk to all your search results.

Accessing and navigating searches

  1. Click the 2023-04-18_11-42-45.png Search icon the top right of the Script Editor to open the search panel.
  2. Enter a search in the panel.
  3. Click on a search result in the sidebar to jump to it in the script.

Descript editor with search panel highlighted


Search your highlights

If you filter specific highlight colors without inputting any text, the search results will display all the content highlighted in that color.

Search options

You can set specific filters or playback and navigation options by selecting Additional Settings icon Search option in search panel.


Search panel with search options highlighted


Search options Description
Auto-advance Automatically moves to the next search result after applying correct text or remove media
Spot audition Playblack the section of your composition for the selected search result
Match whole words See results that exactly match your search term
Match case Make your search result case sensitive
Wrap around Return to the top of your search result list once you've reached the end (auto-advance must also be enabled)
Only current composition Choose to search your entire project, or (when enabled) search only the current composition

Search actions

Search panel with various search actions highlighted

You can apply the following actions from the search panel to a single search result, or the entire list. The available actions depend on what type of content (text, filler words, or words gaps) you are searching for.


Action Description
Filler words Search for filler words detected in your script
Shorten word gaps Shorten the length of a word gaps in your script
Correct transcript Correct the transcript text without affecting the underlying media. If you leave the text box blank and select Correct or Correct all, this will remove the search result from the transcript
Remove media Delete or Ignore both the text and associated script media
Copy Copy the exact search result match; you can also include the surrounding media and text when copying

Remove both the text and associated media in the script


Strikethrough the text in your transcript and non-destructively remove the associated script media

Replace with gap clip When enabled, deleted script content will be replace with a gap clip. Learn more about gap clips 
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