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Speaker labels


You can apply speaker labels across your script. Once you add them, they'll follow the associated content as you move it into different compositions and projects.

Adding a speaker label

Speaker labels can be added:

  • At your cursor’s location by typing @ 
  • On a black line by selecting Speaker_label_icon.png

You can move a speaker label by dragging and dropping it to a new location in the Script Editor.


Changing speaker labels in your script

If you want to change a speaker label in your script:

  1. Click on the speaker label in the Script Editor.
  2. Type in the new speaker name or select from the popup menu’s list.

When changing a speaker label you can click apply_label_icon.png to toggle between two options:

  • Applying the new speaker label to the end of the paragraph
  • Applying the new speaker label until the next speaker change


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