Manage Speakers in a project

You can manage the speaker labels and AI Speakers of a project by clicking on any speaker label in your Script editor.

Opening the manage speaker labels window in the Descript editor

Here you can:

  • See a list of and select from all of the current speakers in your project
  • See a list of AI speakers that you have access to
  • Click to see all Stock AI speakers
  • Create a new speaker
  • Rename (merge) the selected speaker to another speaker in your project

Renaming a speaker

To rename (or merge) a speaker:

  1. Make sure the speaker you would like to change it to has already in the "In this project" list
  2. Click any instance of the speaker you would like to rename
  3. Start typing the exact name of the new speaker you would like to change it to
  4. In the dropdown menu that appears, click the option "Rename (old speaker) to (new speaker) everywhere"

Steps for typing a new name for the selected speaker which displays option to rename speaker

Additional speaker options

Hover over a speaker and click the ellipsis button to view additional speaker options:

  1. Enable speech generation - this allows you to create a new AI speaker from the selected speaker
  2. Remove the selected speaker entirely from your project
  3. Change the speaker name
  4. Change the color of the speaker in the script

Speaker options window with numbers highlight the various actions you can take

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