Descript tour

Welcome to Descript! This guide will introduce to the two main areas in Descript: the Editor—where you're creations come to life—and the Drive view—the organizational hub for your projects and teams. Be the end of this guide, you should be getting around the and ready to start making videos and audio projects.

Editor tour

Overview of the panels in Descript's editor interface

The editor is where you'll create your video and audio projects. There is a lot that you can do here, so it's helpful to break it down section by section:

Drive View tour

Screenshot of the Drive view

The Drive view is your central hub where manage your projects, teams, subscriptions, and more. In this part of the app, you'll notice three main sections: 

  1. In the Project panel, create new projects or jump back into existing ones. You can also search for projects and have options for keeping everything organized—move, rename, or delete projects and adjust project access as needed.
  2. From the sidebar, you can switch between drives, purchase new drives, invite team members, and access different tab in the drive:
    • Projects: this is like your homepage where you can see all projects you have access to.  
    • Quick recordings: here you'll find all recordings you make with the Quick recorder, Descript's stand alone recorder creating recordings on the fly.
    • AI speakers: this is where you can see any custom AI voices you have to and you can use to generate speech just by typing.
    • Templates: if you're on a Pro drive or other paid subscription, this is where you can create custom templates that you can use to speed up your workflow.
    • Workspaces: these are storage areas on your drive. Projects in the Private workspace limits access 
  3. At the top of the Drive view you can search for projects, customize your App settings and manage your subscriptions and teams.
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