Elements of a composition

The script

The script is the underlying element of script based editing in Descript. The script keeps all of your visuals, audio, and scenes aligned in your composition while you edit. You can interact with the script across all the editor panels in your composition, but it is primarily represented in your Script Editor.

The script also affects the duration of your scenes. As you make changes to your script, scene boundaries and all the tracks within the scenes move with them.


Scenes work like slides in a presentation. They allow you to divide your composition into discrete segments and then add visual elements like titles or overlays. Basically, you’ll add a scene anytime you want to change the visuals in your composition. Learn more about scenes Scenes overview


Layers are the foundation of a composition’s timeline and the properties panel. Descript is unique among non-linear editors in that you can have practically infinite layers, and Descript will smartly stack them so each layer only takes up as much space as it needs in the Timeline. You do not need to artificially group together unrelated clips into a single track – each meaningful unit of clips can be its own track. Learn more about layers

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