Using templates

Templates are pre-made visuals you can use in Descript scenes. They can contain supplementary elements like backgrounds, title cards, or lower thirds — or they can be entire scenes that you use across multiple videos. Use templates to speed up your workflow, to create consistent visual identity across your videos, or for easy branding. 


GIF showing how to apply a template to a scene

To apply a template scene in your project:

  1. Open Template Logo.png Templates at the top of the editor. 
  2. Look through the available templates. the Gallery tab contains Descripts templates for audiograms, multi-cam, verticals, and more. the Drive and Private tabs contain any custom templates you have access to.
  3. Click on a thumbnail to apply the template to your scene.

If the template's aspect ratio differs from your composition, a prompt will appear at the bottom of the editor to adjust the orientation. Click match orientation to match the aspect ratio.

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