A feature-limited version of Descript Teams is currently available in the Descript Beta app (Mac | Windows).

Team Features

Available now:

  • Invite new team members
  • Centralized billing

Coming soon:

  • Team-level Project access control
  • Team filters in Project Browser
  • More control over how transcription hours are distributed among team members

Creating a Team

To create a Team, click the Create a Team  button in the sidebar of the Project Browser.

Inviting Team Members

To invite new team members, visit your Team Admin and enter the email addresses you want to invite.

Creating a Team Project

Once you're a member of a team, when you create a Project, you'll be asked whether you want the Project to be part of your team, or your personal account. If a Project is part of a Team, any transcription that happens in that Project will be billed to the Team.

Moving Personal Projects to a Team

You can migrate Projects you own to a Team you're a member of. Once a Project is moved, transcription inside that Project will be billed to the Team.

This feature is coming soon.

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