Studio Sound (early access)


Studio Sound is a powerful feature that uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance speakers' voices while reducing and removing background noise, room echo, and other sounds you don't want.

Early Access Details

While in the early access phase, Studio Sound is not available for Screen Recordings. See our FAQ at the bottom of this article for details on how to use this feature with Screen Recorder files.


Using Studio Sound

To enable Studio Sound on a file, open the File Viewer by selecting the file in the Project Files folder of the Project Sidebar.



Once you've opened the File Viewer in the Inspector sidebar,  click the Studio Sound checkbox under the Effects section.



A popup message will display indicating that Studio Sound is being applied to the file (this may take several minutes depending upon the size of your file). After the audio is enhanced, you'll see the Studio Sound checkbox become checked, signifying that the enhancement is completed.


You can enable and disable Studio Sound on the file from this view moving forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see the option for Studio Sound in my Projects?

Studio Sound is in early access and may not be accessible for all users. If you're interested in joining the early access, you can fill out the enrollment form here: Studio Sound early access Enrollment


How can I enable Studio Sound on my Screen Recordings?

Studio Sound is not available for screen recordings. You can follow the steps in this guide to workaround this: Using the Studio Sound early access on screen recordings and older files 



Can I use Studio Sound with Timeline Exports?

Studio Sound is not currently enabled by default with Timeline Export. That said, you may use the Flatten Tracks feature to create a rendered version of the timeline before exporting to the third-party application of your choice.