Using Studio Sound (early access) on screen recordings

Descript's new Studio Sound feature allows you to greatly increase the quality of the audio that has been added to your Project or Composition. Currently, Studio Sound does not work by default with files that were created with the Screen Recorder.  


To utilize Studio Sound on Screen Recordings, re-add the file to your project with our Replace File feature, which will allow you to access Studio Sound on the replaced file. 


First, click the ellipsis (...) on the right of your file and select "Copy file to Finder" or "Copy file to Explorer" to download the file locally.


Then you will need to add that file again back to the project. You can do this by hitting "Replace file.." and linking to the file they just downloaded:




After the file has been replaced, you'll see the upload process finalize, and Studio Sound will be available on your file. 




You can enable or disable Studio Sound on the file by checking or unchecking the Studio Sound checkbox under Effects in the Inspector.